Subway mice brawl photograph wins People’s Choice Award

Pablo Tucker
February 15, 2020

Online voting closed on February 4, prompting the museum to declare this year's victor: the aptly named Station Squabble, a photo featuring two silhouetted urban mice tussling over a scrap of food. Sam visited multiple platforms every night over the course of a week, getting many curious looks from passengers while he lay in wait for the flawless shot.

The museum stated on its website that Rowley took serious effort to get the flawless click. This year, there were nearly 50,000 entries sent in by some of the world's best photographers to be selected by a panel of global experts.

Rowley, a photographer based in Bristol, captured the image of the fight after visiting the the station every night over the course of the week, London's Natural History Museum said in a news release.

To snap the shot, Rowley spent five nights prostrating himself on the station floor, drawing alarmed looks from passersby-one of whom even jumped on top of him to administer CPR, assuming the photographer was "having a heart attack", says Rowley in a statement.

It was a snap of a lifetime, given that the mice fight only lasted a second, the Independent reports - but Rowley had been trying to get the ideal shot for weeks.

"Losing the fight" by United Kingdom photographer Aaron Gekoski offers a heartbreaking look at how orangutans are exploited for entertainment at Bangkok's Safari World. "The shows were temporarily stopped in 2004 due to global pressure, but today the shows continue - twice a day, every day - with hundreds of people paying to watch the orangutans box, dance, play the drums and more".

Speaking of the moment the picture was taken on London's Underground network, Rowley said the two mice were foraging separately until they both came along a piece of food they wanted. "This image reminds us that while we may wander past it every day, humans are inherently intertwined with the nature that is on our doorstep - I hope it inspires people to think about and value this relationship more". The compelling photograph shows two jaguars, a mother and cub, carrying an anaconda out of the river.

While Station Squabble won the People's Choice Award after being exhibited among 25 others at the Natural History Museum in London, back in October the overall competition was won by Yongqing Bao.

"Spot the reindeer" by Spanish photographer Francis De Andres takes the viewer deep into the freezing wilderness of the Norwegian archipelago, Svalbard.

Michel was in Pantanal, Brazil, photographing jaguars.

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