Selena Gomez decides to release a song about an unfaithful ex

Carla Harmon
February 27, 2020

But once that all cut out, Selena Gomez gripped the microphone at Village Studios in Los Angeles and whisked herself away to an acoustic wonderland with a performance of "Rare".

Selena Gomez surprised everyone!

On the "Revival" tour, I presented a song that they haven't stopped talking about since, so you asked and I listened. Many believe the song is penned for Selena's fellow musicians and exes, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd.

"So one night, I was really irritated and I wrote this whole song", she said.

The young woman has a heavy heart! Since the song was probably written in 2015-16, it can very well be about Selena's ex-boyfriend, Justin Beiber. But this one, much publicized, finally turned into a nightmare. And many times! The lovely Selena first closed her eyes to her betrayals. The controversies attached to their relationship continue to resurface with every move they make.

Heartbroken, Selena Gomez had trouble turning the page!

In August 2016, things worsened between the former couple, when Justin and Sofia Richie started dating.

Daigle was interviewed by E! on the Billboard Music Awards purple carpet and was jokingly requested, "Is Selena your new agent?"

"That song was from when I was in a different place and doesn't fit with where I am right now", she told a fan back in January. But for the song by Selena Gomez, the lyrics are disturbing! "And here I am sitting there just searching for home because I'd been touring for a while and I just felt this little moment of being homesick everywhere I was at, even when I was home". I don't want to be stuck in the middle. Gomez, herself a singer, songwriter, and actress, was immediately moved by Daigle's music. What does the young woman mean? She says that ever since performing the song in 2016, she cannot stop thinking about it.

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