Russians Return Home From China's Wuhan, To Be Quarantined For 2 Weeks

Cheryl Sanders
February 5, 2020

Moscow has already restricted direct flights to China, with planes arriving at a special terminal at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport and all passengers being checked.

Russian Federation plans to deport foreigners diagnosed with a deadly new coronavirus, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said today, as the government postpones an investment forum over the disease. "This can enable to deport overseas residents, if they're discovered to have such illness, and to announce particular restrictive measures, together with isolation and quarantine", Mishustin stated at a day by day briefing with vice premiers in Moscow.

Russian Federation announced on Tuesday that it would set up a quarantine zone in the Tyumen region of Siberia to hold nationals evacuated from Chinese wuhan devastated by the coronavirus for 14 days.

He added that Russian Federation "has all the medication needed to fight the spread of the coronavirus", CNBC said.

In connection with the propagation in China of the coronavirus, the Russian authorities chose to evacuate Russians from China the aircraft of VC, in addition to all suspended all bus and train routes.

Russian Federation halted passenger trains to China as of Sunday night and the last train from Beijing rolled into Russian Federation empty after 136 passengers - all Chinese nationals - were taken off at the border, the RIA news agency reported.

"A corresponding instruction was signed today".

No infection was detected among the two groups of 144 returnees - including 16 nationals of ex-Soviet countries - who were brought back to Tyumen airport on Wednesday in two military planes, the Defense Ministry said.

Russia's aerospace defence forces, part of the armed forces, will start evacuating Russian citizens from Wuhan and Hubei on Monday.

Concerns over the deadly infection prompted the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a global health emergency last week.

However, she noted that the case death rate was "difficult to estimate".

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