President Trump arrives in SNL's 'dream' impeachment using Weinstein-style walker

Carla Harmon
February 4, 2020

Saturday Night Live opened with an alternate reality where witnesses were allowed at Donald Trump's impeachment trial. We hear "Judge Mathis" yell out words that I bet many wanted to hear from Chief Justice Roberts during the Senate trial, "Alright, I'm done with this nonsense ..."

The trial, meant to look like a reality TV show, also features Beck Bennett's "sneaky little Mitch" McConnell, who reminds Americans that "all men are innocent after proven guilty".

Kate McKinnon took on the role of Sen. "That's why I do declare that Mr. Trump innocent or my name isn't Lindsey Valerie Beauregard Matlock GRAHAM!"

'John Bolton get your dumb ass in here, ' he says. Trump asked the judge, who recognized the tactic.

The "SNL" version of Bolton testified that, "The things I saw President Trump do and say, made me deeply anxious about the future of democracy".

"Like hell you will", interjected Kenan Thompson as Judge Mathis. Clinton comments on Sanders' split, "cruel" and "a lie" The Palestinian Authority interrupts security ties with the U.S. and Israel after the Trump peace plan was announced MORE "They Wished". It's called Harry Potter and the Room Where It Happened.

After a demand from Bennett's McConnell, Pete Davidson's Hunter Biden was called to the stand, entering on a hoverboard.

The sketch pokes fun at allegations Trump made that Joe Biden tried to help Hunter's business interests in Ukraine. Biden testified he was working "on the board of a Brazilian money-laundering company called Nepotismo".

"That's right. I've been selling Biden Steaks from my office at the top of Biden Tower and letting foreign leaders stay at Biden-a- Lago", Biden said.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden's son Hunter was called as the next witness.

Though SNL's recent political sketches have featured cameos from Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm and other celebrities, the latest cold open included only the regular cast (in addition to recurring guest star Alec Baldwin as President Trump), all of whom played political figures that appeared in the real-life trial proceedings... and some that didn't.

"Are you trying to get me to Weinstein now?"

" In which sense, because Harvey and I overlap in a few areas?"

"Your honor, I'm a very sick old man. I can barely get around the house", Baldwin's Trump says.

Later in the sketch, the president has changed into a Phil Spector wig.

This leads Mathis to call in "a real lawyer" who enters in the form of "my cousin Vinny", aka Kyle Mooney.

"There is no way this man Trump just fulfilled using two Uks", he stated, as in just two Ukranians.

The trial ends with a parallel reality version of events where Trump splurges out a list of confessions.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the administration location", he started.

"Ladies and gentlemen of this government place, what I've learned from this trial is that clearly, nothing I do or say has any effect so I'd like to come clean about everything". The call with the Ukraine wasn't ideal, it was illegal. Also I watch CNN all the time and it's awesome. West Carolina, I'm sorry. Baldwin's Trump also said he cheats all the time "golf, taxes, wives, elections".

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