New Thai drug showing results on China’s coronavirus patient

Henrietta Brewer
February 4, 2020

Two other coronavirus patients have reportedly been treated with the drug cocktail, and while the treatment was discontinued for one of the patients following an allergic reaction, the other patient also showed improvement.

So far the new coronavirus has infected tens of thousands worldwide and killed more than 420 people, mostly in mainland China.

In what may be termed as a positive development, a group of doctors from Thailand have claimed to have found a cure for the deadly Coronavirus by administrating HIV drugs. Till now nearly 17,000 people have been infected with this virus, as a result, most of the countries are taking initiative for travel bans and restrictions.

As the epidemic of Coronavirus is spreading, the doctors in Thailand seem to have good news for all of us. After giving it, a patient recovered within 48 hours. The doctor says that a patient with positive test results for 10 days has become negative after drug treatment.

The doctors combined the anti-flu drug - oseltamivir, with lopinavir and ritonavir - anti-virals used to treat HIV, Atipornwanich said.

Dr. Kriangsak Atipornwanich said the 70-year-old female patient from Wuhan was given a combination of drugs used in HIV and flu treatments.

"I had treated a patient with severe condition, and the result has been very satisfactory".

"This is not the cure, but the patient's condition has vastly improved". After testing negative for the Coronavirus, now the patient can sit on the bed. Especially as this combination has proved to be effective on patients with serious symptoms, they said.

Thailand confirmed six new cases of the new coronavirus on Tuesday, four of them Thai nationals and two Chinese, bringing the total to 25, the highest number outside China. 11 people are still under treatment. Doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich has expressed the hope of curing them soon with the help of this new medicine.

The government of Thailand has sent this medicine to its central laboratory to make it more robust and accurate.

A medical student of Kerala had been first tested positive for coronavirus in India.

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