Netflix Reportedly Wants Lucifer Season 6

Carla Harmon
February 15, 2020

Apparently, Warner, producer of the series, and Netflix are now negotiating to move forward with the series beyond the fifth season, but none of the companies wanted to comment on it.

Who will be seen in the cast of season 5? In addition to that, it could mean we'll be seeing more Constantine in the future.

Well how do you like that, it sounds as if all of my praying to Satan for a sixth season of LUCIFER might, just might pay off! "One of the best is but to come back!" At the time, titular star Tom Ellis referred to as the backlash to the cancellation - and subsequent #SaveLucifer marketing campaign - "nothing wanting ridiculously overwhelming", including, "Since doing Lucifer, I've finished press in numerous components of the world, and I'm absolutely conscious that this present is rather more well-liked than what it had appeared to be on Fox..."

But now it seems there might be some life in the old dog yet, as multiple reports suggest Netflix isn't quite ready to part ways with Lucifer yet.

Netflix is in talks with collection producer Warner Bros.

Netflix renewed the series in 2018 after Fox canceled it and it was an instant hit with audiences at its new home.

He tweeted: "It has been the most unbelievable experience over the past 3 years playing Lucifer and falling in love with you, the fans". Believe me, we will tell you when we do.

This is not surprising, given the popularity of the show on the platform and with fans. We weren't finished. I was gutted. And it kept growing and growing and growing.

For now, Netflix and Warner Bros. "Last we saw her, Eve broke Maze's heart".

Well, the fifth season was initially set to be ten episodes, like season four, but Netflix loved it so much they ordered an additional six episodes which brought the season five count to sixteen and these episodes will be doled out (much like Sabrina's second season) in two eight-episode chunks.

LADbible has contacted Netflix for comment.

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