Mr. Peanut Resurrected As Baby Nut In New Super Bowl 2020 Commercial

Yolanda Curtis
February 3, 2020

After that one salty (sugary?) tear landed on Mr. Peanut's gravesite, a plant began to grow on the lonely grave, and out spouted a newborn baby peanut.

The second commercial is going to be a funeral for Mr. Peanut.

The news of Mr. Peanut's death spread throughout the internet rapidly, with #RIPeanut trending on Twitter within minutes.

The young nut was born in the Planters Super Bowl commercial, which was billed as Mr. Peanut's funeral. Who of course instantly asked for a monocle.

In the first ad, the Mr. Peanut character is riding in a vehicle with actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh, but they crash off a cliff.

Planters paused all paid marketing efforts soon after the helicopter crash, including halting "Road Trip" airings on TV and social media, but kept its plan to show Mr. Peanut's funeral during the Super Bowl.

So this is less a second-generation Mr. Peanut than a return of the original fellow. The trio managed to grab a branch, but Mr. Peanut fell to his death after he let go as it started to break.

This whole ad campaign seems very leaning into the whole "infant version of famous beloved character" thing that has been working so well for "the Child", a.k.a.

Move over, Baby Yoda - it's Baby Nut's time to shine. Since then, Mr. Peanut has appeared in hundreds of print and television ads and earned a spot on Madison Avenue's Advertising Walk of Fame in 2004.

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