Moto Razr’s Complex Design Makes It Almost Unrepairable: iFixit

Yolanda Curtis
February 15, 2020

When iFixit takes a device apart it gives it a repairability score which determines who easy or difficulty the device is to fix.

Motorola launched the Moto Razr foldable earlier this month in the US. The Register and iFixit are not the only ones disappointed by the new Razr, The Verge and others have struggled to find things they liked about it.

iFixit has given the Razr a 1/10 repairability score. The smartphone's interesting foldable design may have excited some people, but now The Verge is telling us something interesting about one of its features which appears to not be reserved for Samsung foldables only. On the bright side, if you compare it to foldable phones from previous year, the Razr scored just one point less that the Galaxy Fold's score of 2/10. The hard serviceability aspect of the Motorola Razr is that it has a delicate primary display and should it ever need its batteries (yes, there are two batteries) to be replaced, it would require near-total disassembly.

iFixit notes that there's a small gap between the hinge and display on the Razr which does not inspire confidence in its construction. The big advancement of the Z Flip is it manages to do this while still using a glass screen, a huge advantage over the plasticy displays of the Razr and the Galaxy Fold. Thanks to this, getting to the main display is extremely hard. He also greets Motorola's screen fix program, saying he is "surprised" that the company "offers to replace these screens for only $ 299".

Another worrying issue about the Razr is that its charging port is soldered directly to the main board.

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