Miss Americana: The Taylor Swift Story

Carla Harmon
February 14, 2020

This album was, at the time, the most awarded album in the history of country music. The song, written by Swift, is about the insane world of politics set in a metaphorical high school.

The documentary follows a powerful narrative of always trying to be the "good girl", to becoming too good - too calculated and fake - to shaking off her good girl image to let her voice be heard.

"Miss Americana" relies less on concert clips and more on behind the scenes glimpses into Swift's life with her family, friends and of course her beloved cats. Swift and Little worked together on a number of tracks from the album including the singles "Me!', "You Need to Calm Down" and "The Man".

The audience sees as Swift argues with her team about her decision to share her views and discusses the potential backlash she may face.

The film also demonstrates the extraordinary talent, ambition and luck that Swift must have needed to get where he is. Her music is sometimes cliche, overly dramatic, but whole-heartedly honest. Following the accusation, Mueller was sacked from his job and sued Swift, which she countered. Swift acknowledges a deeply personal and heartbreaking struggle with her mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer several years prior.

After posting of this monumental declaration, the film showed Swift and her team all clinking glasses to "the resistance". The post went on to receive a positive response from her fans. As much as the documentary is about Swift as a person, it accounts Swift's journey as a musician - showing scenes in the studio with producer Joel Little to performing at sold-out stadiums. Is she still good friends with Ed Sheeran?

"Miss Americana" takes another jab at this expectation of goodness: how it began to morph into a monster that affected Swift's mental and physical health. In 2016, Swift and West entered another feud about whether Swift consented to West's reference to Swift in his song "Famous", with the lyrics, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that ***** famous". Her valiant attempt to make sure Pennsylvania's election swung Democratic in 2018 could have been a moment of triumph in the narrative (despite the election's unfortunate results), but instead it feels like the effort is a footnote in a film that would rather tell the tale of hardships easily overcome. Opening with this idea humanizes Swift despite her iconic status. "I think it's normal". This was a heartwarming ending to the documentary, as Swift's happiness with her career and her personal growth are visible. After various battles, both public and private, Swift tells all in her new documentary. You can also send us your comments directly. This really is to her credit and it will hopefully make people stop and think about just why she provokes such a strong reaction when mentioned.

A recurring theme in "Miss Americana" is Swift's desire to be polite, to maintain the peace and play by the rules, a responsibility that is often placed on women in a patriarchal society and industry. Swift explains that she was so obsessed with not getting in trouble that she decided not to do anything anyone could say something about. The drama which shaped Reputation- a spat between Swift and Kim Kardashian over Kanye West's reference to Swift as a "bitch"- is presented as part of this narrative.

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