Microsoft to bring antivirus software to Android iOS

Yolanda Curtis
February 25, 2020

Microsoft renamed Home windows Defender Superior Menace Safety (ATP) to Microsoft Defender Superior Menace Safety (ATP) because of this, and the Mac consumer gives full virus and menace safety blended with the flexibility to carry out fast or full scans.

Microsoft ahead of cybersecurity conference RSA 2020 has announced several new security features coming to various platforms, including the general availability of Microsoft Threat Protection and security features coming to mobile platforms. Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) is created to provide security checks across users, emails, applications, and endpoints.

The cell apps come just below a 12 months after Microsoft began a public preview for its Defender antivirus on macOS. It is nice that Microsoft releases a security application for Android, but it is a usual development, but it is a question of how exactly the security application will be released for iOS. While the company recently changed its interface in the iOS version of Office apps, it has combined all apps for Android into one rooftop app.

The company explained that previous security solutions are created to protect against threats for each domain separately, but now threat detection with built-in intelligence can understand how an attack got in, prevent its spread across domains, and automatically heal compromised assets.

While Defender isn't flawless, it's a mostly unintrusive, low-profile app that runs by default on Windows 10 platforms, and it does a great job of preventing spyware, phishing, and malware attacks on desktops and laptops.

The product is likely to help businesses prevent malware and phishing attacks, thereby helping employees to guard their usernames and passwords or other account information.

"We know our customers' environments are complex and heterogenous", Microsoft said in its blog post.

Speaking more on the company's vision, Rob Lefferts, Microsoft corporate vice president told CNBC, "They [iOS and Android operating systems] are pretty safe but pretty safe is not the same as safe".

Today, Microsoft also announced its Microsoft Threat Protection (MTP) solution has now left preview. Microsoft Defender will also be available on iOS and Android by the end of the year. Microsoft noted that it would "provide a preview of our investments in mobile threat defense with the work we're doing to bring our solutions to Android and iOS" at the RSA Conference in San Francisco next week.

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