MGM Resorts hacked:10.6 million guests have their personal data exposed

Yolanda Curtis
February 20, 2020

Hackers have published the details of 10.6 million guests of MGM Resorts hotels to an online hacking forum.

The leaked files included full names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails and birth dates for the former guests, according to technology news website ZDNet.

It's not clear when the data was stolen, but ZDNet, which was tipped off about the posting of the data on the hacking forum and then analyzed the data with the help of security firm Under the Breach, has concluded that none of the data was collected after 2017.

Under the Breach said several high-profile guests at MGM properties had their email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses exposed, including one guest with the same name as Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive.

MGM Resorts International confirmed Wednesday that the company was subject to a data breach previous year.

An MGM spokesperson told ZDNet that the information comes from a security incident that happened a year ago after MGM "discovered unauthorized access to a cloud server that contained a limited amount of information for certain previous guests of MGM Resorts".

The hotel chain said it had notified all the impacted guests and conducted an internal investigation.

Personally I would want to know if my telephone number has been the subject of a data breach, especially when linked to a particular company such as a hotel, as it could be exploited by a fraudster in an attempt to trick me into revealing further personal information.

You should also contact your cellular carrier to ask if you can add a PIN lock to your account so that your number can't be ported to another phone without the PIN.

MGM told the outlet that the information was older, and ZDNet confirmed that none of the guests they spoke to in order to confirm the data had stayed at a hotel after 2017. It's not possible to make a definitive connection between the two incidents, but it sure is a coincidence. Under the Breach, a data breach monitoring service, said over 10.6 guests were affected.

MGM Resorts operates United States premises in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Detroit, and further resorts in China and Japan. Corporate victims have included Mandarin Oriental, Trump Hotels, Hilton, Rosen, Hard Rock, Omni and Marriott amongst many others... MGM confirmed the attack took place to the BBC.

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