Maldives rejoins The Commonwealth after 3 year gap

Cheryl Sanders
February 4, 2020

He added that the Maldives "shall long strive to uphold the Commonwealth's values of democracy and human rights", adding that rejoining the organization "is symbolic of [the] administration's commitment to both engage with the worldwide community and to deliver on our domestic pledges to citizens in good faith".

The Commonwealth Secretariat conducted the First Assessment Mission in January 2019 after President Solih formally requested the Secretary General to allow Maldives to rejoin the organization in December 2018.

Maldives joined the Commonwealth in 1982 and was a member until it withdrew in October, 2016.

"The reform process under way in Maldives aligns with the values and principles of the Commonwealth and we encourage the nation to continue on this path".

"Together we will support Maldives to realise its ambitions".

The Maldives seceded from the Commonwealth after being warned of suspension over its human rights record and lack of progress on democratic reform.

Pakistan on Sunday welcomed and congratulated the government and people of Maldives on rejoining the Commonwealth. The new president started pushing for the country's readmission to the association. President of Maldives, Solih said, 'Today is a happy day for the people of Maldives as we have returned to the family of Commonwealth countries.

After Maldives' readmission, the count of Commonwealth countries is not at 54.

In 2018, President Ibrahim "Ibu" Mohamed Solih was elected and in 2020, the republic has been readmitted after showing evidence of functioning democratic processes and popular support for being part of the family of nations.

The group of mainly former British colonies said an application to return made by the Maldives had been approved after "due diligence" including a country assessment. Its members have agreed to shared goals like development, democracy and peace.

When the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland met Shahid, the Minister thanked her for expediting Maldives' bid to rejoin the Commonwealth and discussed procedures in going forward.

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