Madison Bumgarner Has a Secret Identify Competing in Rodeos

Ross Houston
February 26, 2020

He also said he may pursue roping more rigorously after his baseball playing days are done, but only if he's prepared to take it as seriously as his MLB career.

Bumgarner, who is starting his 1st year in Arizona immediately after pitching for the San Francisco Giants for 11 years, reportedly competes in rodeo competitions utilizing the alias "Mason Saunders".

The delightful revelation was reported Sunday by The Athletic, in the rare instance of investigative reporting unearthing evidence that the world is secretly better than we knew. One programs Bumgarner competing on horseback, while the various other programs him after he made his payouts, with the bottle providing a smile in the blurred image. He explained that "Mason" is a shortened version of his first name, while "Saunders" is his wife's maiden name.

The three-time World Series champ as well as 2014 World Series MVP after that included: "But you're going to ruin that for me". "Mason" is short for "Madison", which, Bumgarner said to The Athletic, is "something for my wife to call me when we were out in public to keep people from recognizing me". "This is ruining my alias".

In the interview, Bumgarner admitted to partaking in the team-based roping events throughout the course of his career, making as much as $26,560 in a recent event in Arizona.

A couple weeks after his rodeo success, Bumgarner signed a five-year, $85 million contract with the Diamondbacks in December after playing his first 11 Major League Baseball seasons with the San Francisco Giants.

"Madison is a grown man and we know he's committed to helping us achieve our goals as a team", Hazen told the Arizona Republic.

Manager Torey Lovullo says he wants players to be safe but adds the rodeo story is "a non-issue".

Meanwhile Bruce Bochy, Bumgarner's former manager at the Giants, was wowed by the revelations. The Twins had been among the teams thought to be pursuing him in free agency. "I've got some stories about him, some things that he's done, but this one tops all of them".

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