Korean Mom ‘Reunited’ With Her Dead Daughter in VR

Yolanda Curtis
February 16, 2020

A South Korean production company aired a documentary last week, in which a mother was reunited with her deceased young daughter through a virtual reality simulation. Nayeon died aged seven in late 2016 from a rare immune disorder. Clearly, at first, Jang was hesitant and shocked, but throughout the video, she was painfully able to ease in and even interact with the VR Nayeon.

Nayeon's father, brother and sister, who were all watching the event from the audience were also crying.

Jang Ji-sung, Nayeon's mother, put on the Vive virtual reality (VR) headset and was transported into a garden where her daughter stood there smiling in a bright purple dress.

What really struck the hearts of people is Jang's reaction to the VR of Nayeon. The team behind the documentary spent eight months creating the VR recreation of Nayeon, reports PC Gamer. Nayeon reassured her mother that she was no longer in pain.

"Oh my pretty, I have missed you", Ji-sung said through tears, and she hugged the digital version of Nayeo. I met Nayeon, who called me with a smile, for a very short time, but it's a very happy time. Meeting You allowed the mother to spend time with her daughter, they were shown playing and talking.

Within the confines of this moment, these fleeting few minutes, I have no idea if this was an ultimately positive experience for this mother, and so don't want to speak for her personal feelings or try to imagine what she felt interacting like this.

At the end of this magical journey, Nayeon lay down to sleep, saying that she was exhausted, and her mother said goodbye.

Jang said she agreed to appear in the documentary to provide comfort for "someone who has lost a child like me, or who has lost a brother or a parent". In my dreams, she always had a resentful gaze perhaps due to my guilt.

As the clip goes on Jang becomes visibly emotional as do onlookers, including members of her family. It had been three years since her daughter died, and after the digital experience she wrote in a blog that she should "love her more than miss her".

The next episode of the documentary, which is behind-the-scenes of the project, is scheduled to be aired on March 12.

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