IBM adopts 'Slack' for its 3,50,000 employees

Andrew Cummings
February 14, 2020

According to Business Insider, IBM has selected Slack to be the workplace chat across its organization. This is a big win for Slack over Microsoft Teams. There isn't a concrete mention of what plans offered by Slack is the company using- paid or free.

Corporate messaging app Slack acquired a major client of the company IBM, which has for several years been testing the app within a small team of engineers, chose to implement a Slack in internal communication for all 350 thousand employees, reports Business Insider. This is a significant increase from the 165,000 users of IBM Slack, reported in 2019 after the launch of the company's services grid.

Slack has just won a major contract: IBM. IBM has been testing Slack for a while now and it is being rolled out gradually. The old-fashioned tech giant had been using Slack since early 2014. Commenting on Slack being responsible for IBM's internal communication, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said that Slack will work for large companies from now on.

IBM's choice of Slack after the trials makes IBM the biggest customer of Slack.

Yes, but: The thing is, IBM was already Slack's largest customer and has been for a couple of years. In fact, it is reported in the report that Slack also improved during the trials conducted at IBM.

Before choosing Slack, IBM initially spent time experimenting with the platform until they were convinced to enable it for all employees. It is an important development that this number has doubled. Slack was originally released in 2013 and Microsoft came up with Teams in 2017.

It also follows an announcement of Microsoft's rival messaging service, Teams, which had 20 million daily active users by then.

"The report stated the growth implies" IBM is now Slack's single biggest customer". Whatever the outcome, it is certain that IBM's decision gave Slack great power in the Slack-Microsoft struggle.

Shares of Slack, which soared 15% on the report, fell 6% in trading after the bell.

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