Google Accidentally teased Android 11 before taking down the preview page

Yolanda Curtis
February 14, 2020

For now, we only have the screenshot that implies that the latest version of Android is really close to being released and is expected to bring many new features, especially in regards to privacy and special optimizations for foldable smartphones.

If you register as a developer with Google you can gain access to early, usually quite unstable versions of the next Android version to test your apps and build the, to be compatible.

Google might have accidentally posted the Android 11 developer preview online for a brief period before taking it down and replacing with the existing Android 10 developers preview page. Sadly, all the external pages it links to have yet to be updated, including the list of changes present in Android 11 and the page to register devices. But it's a reminder that we'll not see a sweet treat name for Android again, and 11 will be the second version to be simply numerical. The developer preview for the previous iteration was held in March, so Google might have been sitting on the event for a while now. While the page was up, all the links for new features still referred to Android 10, for example. We've reached out to the company for more information, and we'll be sure to let you know if we hear anything.

Android 10 is still fairly fresh, but it appears that work on Android 11 has already begun and it might soon be ready in its Developer Preview avatar. Arriving this early would be, well, early.

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