Florida leaders react to President Trump's Super Bowl commercial

Cheryl Sanders
February 5, 2020

Previously, an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe had confirmed Russian interference into the 2016 U.S. elections but had not judged if Trump was guilty or not. Asked whether it would be possible for him to work with the opposition party after they had impeached him and tried to remove him from office, Trump said he'd "like to, but it's pretty hard when you think about it because it's been such ..." Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is Donald Trump Jr.'s sweetie, was simply recently called chair of the Trump Victory financing committee.

The ad featured footage from the emotional moments when Johnson was released from prison and reunited with her family.

In response, the Bloomberg campaign similarly attacked Trump's appearance. Worth at least an estimated $60 billion, Bloomberg is the only candidate with deep enough pockets to essentially start a general election campaign, while his 10 Democratic rivals focus on the four early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and SC.

Kardashian West first started campaigning for Johnson's presidential pardon in 2018 after learning about the case online.

There's no evidence that Bloomberg is trying to get a box to stand on for the Democratic debate.

But the former NY mayor is leveraging his personal wealth to air a barrage of ads.

"I think he thinks I'm going to beat him", Bloomberg told Reuters in an interview in Compton, California, where he was campaigning.

A second Trump ad - which ran after the game had ended, instead of during the game as his campaign had said - argued that, "Under President Trump, America is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before". "Sanders calling for a kind of politics that says you got to go all the way here and nothing else counts", he added at the time.

"He is a pathological liar who lies about everything: his fake hair, his excess weight and his tan", she said.

Trump also criticized the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Chair Chuck Schumer, and other Democrats in the Fox interview. I will spend the rest of my life fighting for the wrongly and unjustly convicted!

Back at the impeachment trial, Trump is expected to be acquitted of the charges placed against him in a predominantly republican Senate.

After spending a weekend in Florida to watch the Tremendous Bowl, Barron Trump returned to Washington DC and dressed similarly to the politicians in Capitol Hill! On Saturday night, he appeared at an event there hosted by the "Trumpettes" fan club.

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