First child under age of 5 dies from flu in North Carolina

Henrietta Brewer
February 14, 2020

"Every person who develops the novel coronavirus infection will, on average, in the absence of interventions, transmit the virus to two or three people", he says.

"I get it yearly, and it's because I work in the health field, so they require us to have it".

Last week, the first case of Coronavirus in Wisconsin was confirmed. "And that again has to do with hypoviruses that are circulating, most of which hit the younger population", says Tom Haupt, who's coordinating influenza surveillance for the Department of Health Services. And flu activity will only continue to increase in the upcoming weeks.

NCCU senior mass communication major and medical technician Danielle Patterson said she receives the flu vaccine annually along with her 14-year-old daughter.

61,000 people died during the 2018-2019 flu season. Across the country, the CDC estimates 16,000 Americans have died from the flu, including 78 children.

A new coronavirus continues to grab headlines across the globe but closer to home health officials say residents should be more anxious about an old and annual nemesis: Influenza.

Health care professionals say the best way to prevent the flu is to wash your hands, wear a mask and get your flu shot. Haupt says 40% of Wisconsin residents have been vaccinated, which is a record.

And this particular strain of flu, according to the numbers, has been deadly to an even wider range of people.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Tulsa Health Department and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department say this year's flu virus is particularly unusual' and they expect it to be severe.

He adds that the state probably won't be at peak activity for the flu for a couple more weeks, and then there will be many weeks of high activity.

Only 13 cases of the COVID-19 have been confirmed in the USA, yet flu cases for the 2019-20 United States season have topped 22 million-an increase of 4 million cases over a one-week span. He says federal health officials will soon have a report on the effectiveness of this winter's flu vaccine.

"We realize this isn't ideally how this could have played out".

"We are monitoring it", said Gerrard. He hopes the new kits will be in Wisconsin next week.

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