De La Rue : announces new Bank of England £20 note

Carla Harmon
February 21, 2020

The new polymer note marks the start of the Bank of England's crackdown on the country's most forged banknote - as they account for around 88 per cent of fake notes.

The new polymer £20 banknote, featuring artist JMW Turner, has been released by the Bank of England.

The plastic version features British painter JMW Turner and, like the £5 and £10 ones that have been in use for a while, they're created to be more durable and less easy for fraudsters to copy.

Like the plastic £5 and £10 notes, some of the new twenty pounds will be more valuable than others. A new polymer 50 pound featuring code breaker Alan Turing will be issued next year.

The note also has see-through windows, with blue and gold foil on the front of the note and silver on the back.

To use the £20 Turner AR lens, open Snapchat, point the camera at the Snapcode below, press and hold on the Snapcode to unlock the AR lens, hover over the new note and watch it transform.

Among the first locations to receive the new notes were London, Manchester and the town of Margate in Kent, one of Turner's favorite spots and the home to the Turner Contemporary gallery.

There are over 2 billion £20 notes in circulation.

Sarah John, Bank of England Chief Cashier, said: 'We have worked very closely with De La Rue on this note, from the initial design through to the mass production, and are very pleased with the result. It is expected that half of all ATMs across the United Kingdom will be dispensing the new note within two weeks.

The Bank has said that polymer notes last longer than paper notes and remain in better condition.

Paper £20 notes can continue to be used as normal and the Bank will give 6 months' notice ahead of legal tender status being withdrawn. "Turner is one of the most influential British artists and we're now bringing his art to the pockets of people all over the UK".

The new £20 note goes into circulation today, but you can keep using the old version for the time being. It is also larger than both the £10 and £5 notes.

The new note has tactile markings on it with three separate clusters of dots along the short edge to differentiate it from the £10 note, which has two clusters of dots. "Hopefully this partnership will help introduce a whole new generation to one of Britain's greatest ever painters".

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