Dark Mode Support Arrived on Facebook Lite Application

Yolanda Curtis
February 18, 2020

Simply turn on the dark theme by way of hanging the transfer on the proper aspect of your Facebook Lite.

The Night Shift was also introduced for a while now and is another excellent feature. Dark Mode inverts your Android phone's UI from black text on a white background to white text on a black or dark background.

Google says that the search app's dark mode was previously limited to Android 10 devices, but has been enabled for all beta users (implying older versions of Android too) starting February 12. To turn on the dark mode in Facebook Lite, all you have to do is press the three line icons that open the options menu in the application and turn on the "Dark mode" option.

One of the most popular trends in smartphones is the dark mode. After this feature is activated, the background color of WhatsApp can be completely dark green. You'll notice Dark Mode immediately popping out.

If you're interested in scrolling down through your Facebook feed in dark mode fashion, then download the Facebook Lite app or update it if you already have it. When asked the reason of delay, the official from the messaging app revealed that the dark mode they are working on is quite different from other social media apps and is complex as well.

On iOS, YouTube will not follow the light or dark settings of the device, but you can change it in the app settings. Other Facebook-made apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger already have a dark theme.

Dark mode is all the rage these days and it relaxes the eyes, saves battery on certain displays and just looks a lot nicer than the light mode we've been using for ages.

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Lite is the company's attempt at a Lite application that does most of the stuff its main counterpart does, but it saves power and most-importantly, data.

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