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Yolanda Curtis
February 27, 2020

A new report coming from Omida Technology now reveals that Apple's iPhone XR was the top-selling smartphone in 2019 followed by the iPhone 11.

According to a recent report the iPhone XR dominated the smartphone market in 2019 with around 46.3 million units shipped.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 was the best-selling Samsung phone with 30.3 million units sold, even though globally Samsung sells more phones than Apple.

Apple's engineers

The news comes in a report from Omdia who have estimated smartphone shipments for a year ago. "The company's continue dominance on this front is all the more remarkable when considering that Apple's price hikes because the overall iPhone shipments to decline past year. By limiting the number of models it offers compared to its main competitors, Apple has been able to concentrate its sales on some smartphones that have great appeal, such as the ‌iPhone XR‌ ".

Omdia's numbers are roughly in line with figures from research company IDC, which pointed to strong sales of the iPhone XR throughout the year, though it didn't share precise numbers for individual models. Apple has continued selling the ‌iPhone XR‌ alongside the ‌iPhone 11‌ and the iPhone 11 Pro as a lower cost option, priced starting at $599.

Omdia went on: "In 2019, Samsung accounted for 49 percent of the global 5G smartphone market, while Huawei ranked second with 27 percent".

Samsung rounded out the top five with its mid-range A-series of smartphones.

Just as in 2018, Apple and Samsung owned nine out of 10 models in the shipment ranking in 2019. The lone model from another brand was Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7, which came in eighth previous year.

Shipments of 5G smartphones totaled 14,7-million units in 2019. The last two spots were taken by iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy J2 Core with 15.5 and 15.2 million units shipped respectively. For most people, it was a better deal than the more expensive XS and XS Max and probably that is why it sold more units.

Samsung's smartphones accounted for almost half of all 5G smartphone shipments in 2019, with the third through to fifth places taken by Samsung's Galaxy Series.

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