"Call Me Harry": New statement suggests widening rift in the Royal family

Carla Harmon
February 27, 2020

According to Sky News, the duke asked delegates to refer to him simply as "Harry".

While their initial announcement of their plans - reportedly made without consulting the Queen or Prince Charles - said they meant to "carve out a new progressive role within the royal family", the Queen instead said they would be "required to step back from royal duties".

Meghan Markle's husband attended the summit in Scotland to support his global eco-travel initiative, Travalyst, which he launched a year ago.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, say they will walk away from most royal duties starting March 31, give up public funding and try to become financially independent.

Before he took to the stage, host Ayesha Hazarika, a former Labour adviser, said: "He's made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry". The statement also confirmed that all trademarks the couple had filed containing the word "Royal" were removed.

At a recent event in Edinburgh, he was introduced to the crowd as just Harry, without his string of royal titles.

This will be the first time Harry will be visiting the United Kingdom after leaving for Canada on January 20, following a summit with the Queen.

"Travalyst's founding partners have joined forces to lead and mobilise the tourism industry and will be a catalyst for positive change".

According to a U.S. website, a friend said: "Meghan said that [she and Harry] were left with no choice but to make a public statement. She's dumped every family, and now she's dumping the British [royal] family", Thomas said. "She's praying that, over time, Harry will start to see things more clearly", Us Weekly's source adds.

Daily Mail reported that Meghan has been whining to her close friends in the past few days ever since Queen Elizabeth forbade them from using the word "royal" in their various "branding" efforts.

The pair will keep the HRH titles but will no longer use them from April onwards.

Harry and Meghan have chose to live financially independent from the royal family in North America, and earlier this week, they announced their intention to no longer use "any iteration of the word "Royal" in reference to themselves from here on out.

Prince Harry will also step out on February 28, where he will join Bon Jovi for a recording session of his song Unbroken with the Invictus Games Choir.

Harry and Meghan have already had to concede several points to the Palace as they take the extraordinary step of effectively resigning from royalty.

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