Baby Yoda Hasbro Animatronic Merch From Star Wars Is Here and Adorable

Carla Harmon
February 21, 2020

Pre-orders for the animatronic Baby Yoda are live now, and shockingly, it's only $60.

During a panel at the announcement event, the team discussed how they didn't develop Baby Yoda toys in advance not because they didn't predict The Child would be adored but to preserve the secret of him for the series.

"And holding back on product development will give everyone the chance to discover the character affectionately known to fans as Baby Yoda together".

From the moment Baby Yoda first appeared on The Mandalorian, he was an instant pop culture superstar; by the end of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter had declared him the future of Hollywood.

Hasbro's Baby Yoda lineup has something for collectors of all tastes, ranging from a Black Series The Child fit to accompany the recent Mandalorian and Cara Dune figures, to a series of stylized "Bounty Collection" figurines to larger plush and animatronic versions. Toy Fair 2020 has given us a look at an animatronic Baby Yoda, and now we have an official photo. These new items and more will hit retail later this year.

It's made by Hasbro, which holds the licensing rights for most Disney Star Wars toys.

Fans have clamoured for toys and merchandise since the service's debut in November.

Disney worked with third-party licensees to make Baby Yoda plush toys and apparel available for pre-order in December after the internet went insane following the character's debut. Overall, toy sales for the holiday season were flat.

Paul Southern, senior vice president of licensing & franchise for Lucasfilm, which makes Star Wars shows and movies for Disney, said the company has been working virtually non-stop the last three months to meet consumer demand for Baby Yoda merchandise.

"We had to re-engineer the way that we go to market", Southern said.

The reveal of the latest Star Wars Hasbro toys is some great timing - the United Kingdom is finally getting DisneyPlus next month, and Clone Wars comes back this week.

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