Astros owner: our cheating did not impact games ... but maybe it did

Yolanda Curtis
February 14, 2020

Only once in his time with the Texas Rangers has he said anything to the media that was construed as unpleasant.

Good. Let this fester so it never happens again, or at least until Major League Baseball has the sense to take away Houston's World Series title. They are the overwhelming favorites to win the National League pennant. And let Major League Baseball take its share of the blame, too, if their cheating really was an "open secret" about which the sport's top executive knew for a long time before they did anything to stop it. "I've discussed it with the players and they've assured me nothing like that every happened. It's hard to take".

The Astros were found to have used a video camera to steal signs in the 2017 regular season and postseason, and parts of 2018. That's never been disputed. Players banged on a trash can to signal to batters what was coming, believing it would improve chances of getting a hit.

Justin Verlander finally addressed the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal on Thursday along with several of his teammates, and the reigning AL Cy Young Award victor seemed to indicate that he expressed displeasure with the tactics when they were ongoing in 2017. "Everybody. Everybody had the chance to say something, and we didn't", Correa said, per ESPN. "Everyone knows they stole the ring from us".

Choo also believes the drastic swing in Astros strikeout totals in 2017 from 2015 and 2016 is a giveaway. In reference to the scheme, he said "it could possibly [affect the game], it could possibly not".

Chirinos watched the Thursday news conference in Florida.

Then 55 seconds later, when pressed on that statement, Crane said: "I didn't say it didn't impact the game".

Well, now it turns out that I was wrong to call them cowards and I must apologize for calling them that.

The Rangers, though, suspected the Astros were doing something illegal last season.

Lynn, though, took a more politically correct approach to the scandal. "That's on the pitcher", he said.

"It happened, you've got to move on, but it gives us pitcher an idea that we have to know to be careful no matter what".

I can't imagine anybody told Crane this was a smart thing to say. "No one on this team wore a buzzer".

Maybe at some point MLB will be able to get the spotlight off this story - the league got a one-day break earlier this week so that everyone could talk about how bad and weird its new playoff proposal is - but that time is clearly not now. "We had a good team". To imply that it didn't impact the game is complete insanity.

After 12 seasons covering the Rangers for the Star-Telegram, Jeff Wilson knows that baseball is a 24/7/365 business and there is far more to baseball than just the 162 games each season. "Just apologize, be accountable, and move forward".

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