Apple wants to halt publication of App Store book over 'secrets'

Carla Harmon
February 21, 2020

Apple has sent a cease and desist letter to prevent the former App Store manager for Germany from publishing a book about his time at the company, claiming it shares confidential secrets.

While it's possible that Apple is slightly bothered by sections where the author reports about feedback from its US corporate headquarters, it's also possible that the title itself has been enough to set Apple off, since the author and publisher are clearly positioning it as a "tell-all" book that would actually share secrets of the App Store.

Apple's assertion suggests Sadowski was sacked as a result of he meant to publish the e-book in opposition to his employer's needs or maybe as a result of he did so with out going by means of correct channels on the firm. The name of the book suggests its author will be sharing information that is not publicly available, regarding the App Store.

Tom Sadowski published a book called "App Store Confidential" that the consumer electronics giant believes reveals confidential information that Sadowski wasn't supposed to disclose as part of his employment contract, Focus noted.

In a statement, Apple said that it has "long supported a free press and supports authors of all kinds" but Sadowski violated employee agreements that should be "applied equally and fairly to all employees".

The book, "App Store Confidential" details how an app can become successful in the App Store, plus author Tom Sadowski's own experiences at Apple.

"The operation of the App Store encompasses a multitude of business secrets", the iPhone maker said in its letter. While we regret the way this longstanding Apple employee violated our working relationship, his actions left us with no other option but to terminate his employment - a decision agreed upon by the works council. According to a written account by the German newspaper Handelsblatt about the published book, the reason for the failed collaboration was because females involved seemed to be showing too much skin. In a post on German magazine Startup Valley's website, the book is described as being influenced by Sadowski's vast experience in managing the App Store, offering expert tips on how to succeed on its competitive scene. Apple has asked that he stop selling it and to have all copies returned back to them.

It can be reasonably concluded that Sadowski was sacked because he published this book.

"I really enjoyed working for Apple ..."

Business Insider has approached Sadowski for comment.

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