Apple reopens stores in China despite Wuhan Coronavirus scare running high

Yolanda Curtis
February 27, 2020

Apple also closed all 42 of its Chinese retail locations although 29 of them are now open for business once again.

Apple Seven Treasures in Qibao is open from 11 6.30 p.m. until March 1, while other outlets like Apple Hong Kong Plaza, will adhere to the restricted schedule until further notice, Appleinsider reported on Tuesday.

In mainland China, Apple has 42 stores and three of them were opened - in Chongqing on February 13, in Fujian on February 11 and one in Guangzhou, though all six Apple stores in Hong Kong remained open. The biggest injury happens in China; Outside of this marketplace, gross sales of its services have met expectancies and rated call for as "sturdy to this point", in keeping with Apple. According to Bloomberg, UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri expects smartphone deliveries to proceed south after the Chinese executive added deliveries this month. The store closures were one of two main reasons for Apple saying it wouldn't meet its revenue target of at least US$63 billion in the current quarter ending in March.

UBS, analyzing Chinese government data, said in a research note obtained by Bloomberg that smartphone sales overall fell 37 percent in China.

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released data today showing that smartphone shipments in China declined 37% from last January. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently told company employees that Apple Stores in the country are "starting to reopen, but we are experiencing a slower return to normal conditions than we had anticipated".

UBS 'Arcuri steered purchasers that iPhone shipments in China had declined sequentially via 28% final month.

Strangely, iPhone sales climbed 5 percent relative to the same time a year ago as Apple products were among the casualties of the Trump Administration's trade war with China.

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