Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay Trailer highlights Revenant's skills

Yolanda Curtis
February 4, 2020

Simply download the game and check out the new season today. Perhaps most importantly for many players, there's a look at the latest legend, Revenant, in action.

Apex Legends Season 4 releases in an issue of hours, so we are right here to recap the entirety we all know main as much as the brand new Battle Pass and the sport's subsequent primary replace.

While we do not formally have a trailer or any announcements from Respawn yet, it is safe to assume that the next Legend to step into the ring will be ready for some fresh takedowns and knockouts yielding more DPS than 3-day old spaghetti.

Apex Legends was released back in February 2019 with little advertisement.

Apex Legends is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Apex Legends is now on Season 3, which has been very successful due to its major changes, including the introduction of a brand new map, World's Edge.

Respawn Entertainment Revenant will finally be arriving to Apex Legends in season four.

We've got an explosive new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 4 and it comes bearing with it an awesome first look at the new Sentinel Sniper Rifle, all of the insane changes coming to World's Edge, and a first look at Revenant's abilities. It's an armor-piercing weapon tuned for medium to long-range battle.Season 4 Ranked Changes: Competitive play will get a shot within the arm with the brand new Master tier, created to restrict Apex Predator rank to only 500 gamers consistent with platform.

Yet, we won't have to wait all that long to have the contents of the blue bins confirmed, with Apex Legends season four, Assimilation, going live on February 4. For more information about Season 4, check out the official site. I'm sure it'll still be relevant by the time it does, though, since it seems like there isn't a new Battle Royale game every week at the moment, which is a good thing for Apex.

But here's the biggest takeaway from this split ranked season: each period will take place on different maps. However, the Soft Reset and Rewards will work the same as the previous season.

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