Apex Legends DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error fix in the works with Nvidia

Yolanda Curtis
February 16, 2020

In addition to the map reworking, a new legend has been added to the Apex Legends' roster: Revenant, who brings an ability-canceling skill along with other interesting abilities. Aside from his dark backstory, the new Legend does offer something new to the battle royale game.

Apex Legends was released in February 2019 and was a massive success, amassing 25 million players in just one week and growing to 50 million within one month.

By observing the tweets from various Apex Legends users on Twitter & forums, one can say that the issue is widespread & Apex Legends servers are having technical glitch & other issues. As with every new season, we see new legends or playable characters, new battle pass etc. Few battle royale games have introduced a fresh arena so early into their lifespan, instead choosing to remix existing terrain with new points of interest and environmental features. But if you do that, you have a whole season of content to grind for. The Split 1 will be played on World's Edge while Split 2 will be back on King's Canyon to keep things fresh.

NEW LEGEND: REVENANT Consumed by hate and obsessed with revenge, Revenant uses unnatural abilities to haunt his enemies and defy death. Check out his bio. The projectiles use different VFX trails, and there is a unique energized firing sound, so all nearby players know that the Sentinel is firing these higher damage projectiles.

The Sentinel has a limited amount of energy that decays slowly over time, and loses a big chunk of juice for each shot. Once the energy runs out, the energized state ends. They've mentioned that the aforementioned game is now in development in partnership with China, to ensure that it adheres to all the regulations. Whenever any update or fix arrives for the same, we will update the column. Season 4 has debuted with a punishment for those who advanced through the ranks with the help of quitting. Months later, and I'm doggedly climbing up Apex Legend's competitive rankings, regularly checking into Apex University for advice on how to up my game, and spending nearly 100% of my down time main-ing Octane and immersing myself in the meta of Respawn's ever evolving live service.

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