Warning to stop online banking if device uses Windows 7

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2020

Once the installation is finished, users will need to go to Settings → Windows Update → Activation to verify Windows 10 activation.

Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on Windows 7.

Note: Windows 10 upgrade will not work on unlicensed or cracked versions of Windows 7. So we'de like to advise you to upgrade, as it can still be done for free. You won't be able to use Microsoft Office on Windows 10 without activating it.

"All PCs that are more than four years old can cost you more than you realize".

However, the webpage also answers one of the biggest questions asked by many users (especially enterprises): Will legacy Windows 7 apps run on Windows 10?

Before getting mad at Microsoft for saying that your old PC is not good anymore, you should take into consideration the next argument as well: upgrading from Windows 7 to 10 could provide you some very nasty surprises like certain drivers not working properly.

All of which could be pretty useful, and even if these measures are more aimed at system admins, they could still be handy for the average user (or certainly the more curious and advanced user who wants to see how things are working under the bonnet of their operating system). Microsoft chose to sell the updates for "seven" until 2023, but Chrome will end support sooner. In fact, security protocols installed with Windows 10 can also save you from a threat called ransomware which is basically a computer virus that hijacks your computer and all the data stored in it until you pay out the ransom that the hackers demand. This means Windows 7 users will not receive security updates anymore, and all computers running on the OS will be vulnerable to all security issues that will be discovered thereafter.

How To Activate Windows 10?

Microsoft doubtless realizes that the search function in Windows 10 suffers from a pretty poor reputation in many quarters, as the firm has been working to improve it on number of fronts, the latest of which is to release a new Indexer Diagnostics tool.

Fourth, click on "Upgrade this PC now", then click on "Next" to proceed to the next step.

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