Spider-Man 3 Will Begin Filming in July

Carla Harmon
January 18, 2020

While the trailer promises an action-packed narrative, Marvel fans noticed a few cross-overs in the trailer that could point to major things that are coming in the future. The biggest surprise was the inclusion of Michael Keaton's the Vulture in the final scene of the trailer. Does the shock cameo imply Morbius is linked with the MCU?

Morbius' story is somewhat complicated into the comic guide globe. Morbius escapes, but Spider-Man and Dr. Connors track him down, presuming he might be an end to unique problems.

When Toomes, portrayed by Michael Keaton, appears into the Morbius trailer, he's nevertheless using their jail garb, suggesting that Morbius takes location after Spider-Man: Homecoming. He finally tries to kill him.

New prodction details for Tom Holland's third Spider-Man film have been revealed. The inclusion of this Vulture to the truck had been a little bit of a surprise, however. How that will all turn out remains unknown in the long term. The foundation of that crossover would be made by Jared Leto's movie. In the film, he is arrested after attempting to steal a plane with weapons.

That theme is one which Morbius shares with Venom, during which journalist Eddie Brock embraces the harmful chaos of the symbiote with a objective to battle towards the much more harmful, extra chaotic Riot, and it's a theme that may undoubtedly proceed into Venom 2 as Brock confronts the cataclysmically harmful and chaotic Cletus Kasady when he bonds with the Carnage symbiote. Screenrant notes that Tomme's outfit implies that he might have simply escaped from jail as he links with Morbius.

The concept is crystallized in an alternate through the movie's first trailer, during which Morbius asks, "How far are we allowed to go to fix one thing that's damaged?" However after a reported plea from Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, Sony and Disney agreed on a contract that kept the Spider-Man universe and the MCU connected. With having said that, Morbius fans should not obtain hopes up. It is unlikely that Morbius will play a leading role in upcoming MCU films.

Is Morbius part of the MCU? Since its partnership with Marvel, Sony can take advantage of the popularity of Spider-man and make spin-off movies from other characters from the spider-verse. Forbes has awful news for fans. Although the publication claims that Sony would absolutely like Morbius to fit into the universe, that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. So, you can't be mad at Sony... unless they trash these movies. The production house was successful with Venom and wants to repeat it with further Venom films.

The trailer opens with a young Leto in an orphanage home who is being told by Jared Harris that he is gifted despite his rare condition.

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