Sonos says these speakers are too old to get any more updates

Yolanda Curtis
January 24, 2020

The company says this is because the technical capabilities of those devices has essentially been maxed out due to limitations on memory and processing power - a reasonable argument, considering some of these products are more than a decade old. In exchange, newer Sonos speakers and other products of the companies will be at a 30% discount.

By not following the instructions provided by Sonos will make the overall Sonos System unable to receive software updates.

If you're still holding on to any of the following devices, then this decision affects you: Sonos' original Zone Players, Connect, and Connect:Amp (launched in 2006 and including versions sold until 2015); the first-generation Play:5; the CR200; and the Bridge.

People are particularly angry about one paragraph in Sonos's blog post announcement, which says that if any older devices are connected to new devices, those new speakers also will not receive software updates "because Sonos is a system".

Sonos has actually been slinging clever speakers- and tech for linking them- to devoted fans because2005 Today, nevertheless, Sonos revealed completion of software application assistance for its older line of product, and a lot of those once-loyal clients rage. Participating in the trade-up program will put these devices into "Recycle mode", which will remove personally identifiable information.

This means these devices won't gain any new functionality, but it also means their software will not be kept up to date with updates from third party companies as well - including Spotify and the dozens of other streaming services Sonos products can access. We're extremely proud of the fact that we build products that last a long time, and that listeners continue to enjoy them.

Sonos says that users of this hardware have two options once support ends: they can either continue using the devices as they have been, or they can trade up to a more current Sonos product.

As far as options for the future go, you have a couple. Trading in something old for a discount rate on something brand-new is barely an advanced concept; most folks who have actually purchased a replacement smart device or, for that matter, a brand-new vehicle have actually most likely done it a minimum of when. This is the most environmentally friendly way to recycle. Rather of generating old items and reconditioning or reselling them, Sonos informs users to bring them to an e-waste center or send it back to Sonos for part recycling.

Ideally all our products would last forever, but for now we're limited by the existing technology.

"Through all of this transformation, we have continued delivering new features via software updates ..." You can continue to use your whole system in legacy mode - in this case, it will stop receiving updates and new features. "We've always believed in freedom of choice ..."

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