Sonos’ "oldest products" to stop receiving software support this 2020

Yolanda Curtis
January 26, 2020

"The first Sonos products were introduced before the first iPhone was announced and when Myspace still ruled social media", the company notes in a blog post.

Because Sonos is no longer a new company and has been doing this whole premium speaker thing for some time, we have arrived at a place where support for some of their products is no longer sustainable. The decision impacts "legacy" devices that are now part of the company's trade-up program, which includes all Sonos Zone Players, the Connect and Connect:Amp, the first-generation Play:5, the CR200 controller, and the Bridge.

Personally I've invested in multiple Sonos speakers and their quality is very good.

Perhaps more importantly, if you have newer devices connected to a system with any of these older devices, they too will stop receiving updates.

Although this is unlikely to cause any problems in the short term, it could eventually mean that some functions stop working.

In a statement, Sonos said it made the decision because older devices had been "stretched to their technical limits in terms of memory and processing power". Essentially, if you have actually a terminated tradition gadget linked to more recent, supported Sonos gadgets, the existing gadgets will likewise be not able to get software application updates after the May 2020 cutoff.

You could choose to continue using these devices, however, there is another option. These products include the Sonos Zone Speakers, the Generation 1 Play:5, and more.

Sonos says it can continue to use its hardware, again, despite not receiving updates, it will continue to work, or redeem it, using the Trade Up program announced past year.

Sonos gave customers the option to either continue using the products without any new updates and features in the future or buy a new Sonos product with a 30 percent credit for each product replaced.

Alternatively, they can activate Sonos' controversial Recycle Mode, which wipes their personal information from the legacy hardware and bricks the product so it cannot be used by anyone again. Recycle Mode will only apply to the legacy products listed above. If there is no certified e-recycling facility in your area, Sonos promises to pay you to send your products back to Sonos "for responsible recycling". By being a smart home pioneer and giving the humble speaker a previously unheard of degree of intelligence and connectivity, Sonos has exposed itself to what all companies truly do want: the upgrade cycle.

Sonos' new hardware offers updated processors and memory as well as new features such as Apple Airplay 2 support and voice assistants on board.

'I am pretty annoyed, people keep audio equipment for years and years, typically'.

Sonos's share price fell slightly following the announcement, closing at $14.80, down from a high of $15.05.

By not following the instructions provided by Sonos will make the overall Sonos System unable to receive software updates.

The business advises its customers to use Sonos Speakers of older models until the end of April, where its system updates will cease delivery.

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