Scott Morrison's father John dies aged 84

Pablo Tucker
January 24, 2020

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's father John died on Wednesday night, aged 84.

Mr Morrison flagged clear national standards for meeting hazard reduction targets, along with a review of land-clearing laws, native vegetation rules and allowing grazing in national parks.

He "could not explain" why Morrison had refused to meet with former fire chiefs - who at the start of past year tried to warn him of the risks posed by the next fire season - and then made a decision to leave on vacation in Hawaii in the midst of the crisis in December.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had several round table discussions in Canberra to restore forest fires.

"Everyone knew we were in a very dry time and as a result the fire season would likely be very bad".

In a conversation with the BBC, the former liberal prime minister said he was unable to explain the behavior of his successor, including his controversial Hawaii vacation, and accused the prime minister of downplaying the Bushfire crisis. So rather than doing what a leader should do and preparing people for that, he downplayed it and then of course chose to go away on holiday in Hawaii at the peak of the crisis. The prime minister, he added, "is trying to see himself doing a lot, but in reality he is doing very little". He returned home two days earlier and apologized, saying he "deeply regrets" any offense caused.

Mr Turnbull has again weighed into the climate debate, prompted this time by the U.S. president labelling environmental activists "prophets of doom".

He blamed "green madness" and "climate alarmists" - a time period utilized by President Trump this week in Davos, Switzerland - for exaggerating the function of local weather change and stopping the defensive burns, regardless that hearth officers have stated the drawback is assets and time, not politics.

"How many coral reefs still need to be bleached?"

Mr Turnbull says the climate change debate is simply one of physics, but has been overrun with ideology.

"If a country like Australia is not prepared to grapple with these issues seriously - itself being on the front line of the consequences and being an advanced, prosperous, technologically sophisticated country with the means to do so - why would other countries take the issue as seriously as they should?"

"The lack of American leadership on this, and in fact American leadership in the wrong direction, is extremely damaging", he said.

"Being a climate change denier is a badge of honor on the political right here and in the United States, and it's insane".

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