Respawn Teases Apex Legends Grand Soirée Event With Trailer

Yolanda Curtis
January 12, 2020

Apex Legends is ringing in the new year with a party fit for Gatsby himself - and with just as much murder!

In a trailer streamed through the official Apex Legends YouTube account, Respawn revealed a new, upcoming event for the Free-to-Play game: The Grand Soirée, a retro celebration of the new year hosted by Pathfinder full of throwback costumes and thrilling combat. Each and every one will be available for two days across a two-week span, all of which put an exciting spin on the genre formula. There are a few classics like Armed and unsafe, but most of the game modes are brand new. Me too. Then I suppose then it's a good job Respawn just announced that in the next event we get to play not one, not two, but seven new game modes!

As the Holo-day and Winter Express LTM came to an end this week, players were expecting news of the next big content drop to hit some time soon.

As well as the rotating mode arcade, Apex is introducing an Event Prize Track for which you'll be able to complete challenges to earn Arcade points and grab yourself some "prestigious rewards" during the event.

You can also participate in the Bonus Scoring Weekend where you can partake in an additional set of event-specific challenges worth a total of 500 points.

You'll be able to shop for a mix of Legendary skins and other on-theme cosmetics at a $5 price point, and six new Legendary skins will be added to the core loot pool. A few of the skins were shown off in short trailer above and they look great - particularly Bangalore's skin, who's last decent skin was released nearly a year ago with the Beast of the Hunt event. These items can also be found in Apex packs or crafted.

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