Protests over downed Ukrainian plane erupt in Iran for second day

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2020

But if you look at what is happening on the ground today, you have yesterday in Tehran and other cities, Iranians singing", dead to Ayatollah, "he said. "We are following your protests closely, and are inspired by your courage", Trump said, in part, in a January 11 Twitter post.

As protests continue in Tehran for a second day demanding leadership step down for its handling of a Ukrainian passenger jet shot down last week by an Iranian missile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau assured the families of those killed that they will not rest until justice has been achieved.

Meanwhile, said Esper, the USA believes it has disrupted the plots that it says precipitated Soleimani's killing, and expects no further Iranian retaliation.

His olive branch to Iran's neighbours in the Middle East was a retaliation to Donald Trump warning the regime against killing protesters who have risen up over the country's Revolutionary Guards' downing of a civilian airliner, which killed 176.

What has happened at Sunday's protests?

Revolutionary Guard members patrolled the city on motorbikes and plainclothes security men were also out in force.

Police in the Iranian capital did not fire on protesters and officers have been under orders to show restraint, Tehran's police chief said in a statement carried by the state broadcaster's website.

In some social media clips, protesters can be heard chanting anti-government slogans, including: "They are lying that our enemy is America, our enemy is right here".

Protests were also reported outside the Iranian capital in Shiraz, Hamedan, Esfahan and Orumiyeh in what appears to show widespread discontent with the regime.

"There are those who fully support a regime change in Tehran and hope this ongoing protest movement will turn into something bigger", he said.

On Saturday, students had gathered outside two universities. The regime at the time acknowledged that at least 200,000 took part in the protests and 7,000 were arrested, marking possibly the largest demonstrations against the regime in its 40-year history.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the prosecutor general has opened an investigation into the "murder" of 11 Ukrainian citizens who were on board the doomed plane and that his government will provide financial assistance to their families while calling upon the global community to insist upon a full investigation into the crash.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, member of the Iranian parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, accused the ambassador of organizing protests and called for his expulsion.

No US soldiers were killed, but in the tense hours afterwards the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was cleared to take off from Tehran airport, only to be brought down by a missile fired by mistake.

What has the worldwide reaction been? "The world is watching", he added, apparently referring to an Iranian crackdown on street protests that broke out in November.

Britain, meanwhile, has condemned the arrest of the United Kingdom ambassador to Iran in Tehran as a "flagrant violation of global law".

Britain said its ambassador in Iran had been briefly detained on Saturday by the authorities in Tehran.

"They took me wherever they wanted".

"Our hearts ache, and we are all pained to the core", said Ali Ehsassi, the MP for Willowdale and one of the organizers of the event.

The UK was dragged into the furore on Sunday when pro-regime protesters set alight a British flag in front of the UK embassy in Tehran.

"Apologise and resign", Iran's moderate Etemad daily wrote in a banner headline on Sunday, saying the "people's demand" was for those responsible for mishandling the plane crisis to quit. In many places, they sang caustic slogans. "One that is just a façade, which is represented by people like [Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani and [Foreign Minister Javad] Zarif".

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