Pro-Iran Militias Conduct Another Rocket Attack on Iraqi Military Base

Cheryl Sanders
January 14, 2020

The US troops are ensuring that the Islamic State extremist group does not re-emerge and "providing an opportunity for the Iraqis to gain the sovereignty and independence that most Iraqis want", Pompeo said.

Four members of Iraq's military were wounded in a rocket attack on a base north of Baghdad, Iraq's military said Sunday.

So far, there has been no claim of responsibility for the attack that comes amid tensions between the United States and Iran. Last week, Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at two Iraqi military bases that house American troops, saying it was in retaliation to a USA airstrike that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soliemani.

"The work's not done and we need to make sure that we rid the region of (ISIL) permanently", Conservative defence critic James Bezan said. "If you look at (U.S. President Donald) Trump's moves in Iran in the last 10 days, we now have a very unpredictable partner in Mr. Trump and the Americans. and we think that's a unsafe place for Canadians to be". Iraqi security analyst Husham al-Hashimi told the Kurdish news service Rudaw there have not been any "foreign or American military personnel" at the base since January 4. One U.S. contractor was killed in such an attack in December.

Eight Katyusha rockets were fired at the base, just days after Iran fired ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq which also house American military.

No one was injured in the attacks, but the Iranian military later shot down a commercial airliner that same night that was carrying 176 people, including 57 Canadians and dozens of others who were flying to Canada.

The footage was released after CNN cited unnamed sources as saying on Sunday that USA troops stationed at an Iraqi air base knew beforehand that the facility will be attacked by Iran, something that helped them to safely take shelter.

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