Pickaxe Swings FORBIDDEN! Ruleset for 2020 epic games

Yolanda Curtis
January 24, 2020

As surprising as it is, Epic Games - the company behind the popular Fortnite game, in collaboration with the video-sharing platform TikTok, are launching a new dance contest.

Epic added that they discovered that some players are sending and receiving signals during a tournament like swinging their ax, perform an emote, toss toys and more to warn the other players.

Epic Games High school players will finally get their chance to participate in an official Epic event. And note, every entrant grants Epic Games "a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, sublicensable, and royalty free license to use, modify, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, perform, and display the Submission in any and all media throughout the world and for whatever goal Sponsor deems".

Item Dumping: Intentionally dropping items for an opposing player to collect.

"For 2020 (from January 20th), we're taking action against any kind of communication between opponents in the game by sending signals in official tournament games". Players found to be cheating or breaking any rules will be punished.

"Any cases of signalling like those listed above will now result in a teaming/collusion penalty", said the update.

Pick-axe swinging has been a major topic in competitive Fortnite in Chapter 2, and it has been widely accepted as ok. Ninja's mention of "rotation items" refers to the removal of items that help players move around the map quickly, like vehicles, redeployable gliders, and jump pads.

Pacifist gameplay is still allowed for players to utilize if they wish.

The statement focuses specifically on the "Collusion Rule", which looks to prevent players working together to "deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match". Obviously enforcement of the new rules is going to be tricky, and it remains to be seen what the consequences will be. Being more clear about what constitutes teaming is a start, but many players clearly feel Epic has more to do if they want to eliminate the practice altogether.

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