Parnas Lawyer Teases 'Essential' Information For Impeachment Inquiry

Cheryl Sanders
January 15, 2020

Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, whose dealings with Ukraine are a key facet of the impeachment case, has been lobbying the President to join his legal team on the Senate floor during his upcoming trial.

Parnas turned over the contents of his iPhone over the weekend to the House Intelligence Committee.

The documents show Parnas sought to set up a meeting between Giuliani and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, including a letter from Giuliani to then-President-elect Zelenskiy affirming that he was working "with the President's knowledge and consent". Parnas also provided handwritten notes, including one scrawled on a napkin at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Vienna: "get Zalensky [sic] to Annonce [sic] that the Biden case will Be Investigated".

Democrats will vote Wednesday on the resolution that will not only transmit the articles, but also name impeachment managers, allocate trial funds, and send over all the House's evidence. Parnas, a former Ukrainian businessman with ties to the president's attorney, who complied with their subpoena. Hunter Biden served on the board of a gas company based in Ukraine. Prosecutors allege they made outsize campaign donations to Republican causes after receiving millions of dollars originating from Russian Federation.

Republicans mocked Pelosi for the delay, saying it undercut her argument that Congress needed to impeach Trump because he was inviting foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election.

"After our trip to DC, we worked through the night providing a trove of Lev Parnas" WhatsApp messages, text messages & images-not under protective order-to [the committee], detailing interactions with a number of individuals relevant to the impeachment inquiry, ' wrote Parnas attorney Joseph Bondy.

Pete Sessions, R-Texas, in an effort to oust former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian-born USA citizen, was indicted on campaign finance charges along with another associate in October at the height of the House impeachment inquiry.

On April 23, the day before Yovanovitch was directed to return home, Giuliani texted Parnas, "He fired her again".

The release of documents comes after a federal judge earlier this month said that Parnas could turn over documents to Congress as part of the impeachment proceedings.

Bondy and Parnas' associates have alleged that he has extensive information about the effort leading to Trump's impeachment.

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