Official specs have arrived — Toyota GR Yaris

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2020

Toyota follows a rich tradition with the rally-ready new GR Yaris.

The fourth generation of the non-GR Toyota Yaris was introduced last fall and is scheduled to hit the showrooms throughout Japan in February.

The opening round of the 2020 FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Monte-Carlo, takes place between January 23-26. As such, this heavy-hitting all-wheel drive hot hatch isn't actually all that heavy, weighing in at just 1,280 kg.

The GR Yaris joins the GR Supra in Toyota's growing performance line-up. The big T really didn't have to make the GR Yaris, but made it they did. Built on a special all-wheel-drive version of the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, the auto combines the front end of Toyota's GA-B platform - debuting in the all new Yaris model in 2020 - with the rear of the GA-C platform, as used on the Corolla. Gazoo Racing wanted to have as much of that DNA trickle down into this racy Yaris and worked closely with Tommi Mäkinen Racing to realise that. Meanwhile, reinforced side members reduces medial chassis flex and allows fitment of the uprated double wishbone rear suspension. Given the development and engineering involved, one thing's for sure: it won't be cheap.

Toyota's made a fresh three-door bodyshell for this super-Yaris, and it's made it light. Frameless doors add to the coupe look. The model features the GR-specific grille and spoiler at the front, as well as the wide tread and muscular wings at the rear. Displacing 1,618 cm3, it produces a maximum 261 DIN hp/192 kW and 360 Nm of torque. That's matched to a six-speed manual transmission, giving a 0-60mph time in the low five-second range and a 143mph top speed. Additionally, the special-edition RZ "High-performance First Edition", based on the GR Yaris' RZ grade and featuring high-performance equipment (8) with heightened performance limits, will feature the customized specifications of the RZ "First Edition" plus BBS forged aluminum wheels in matte black. It also has a carbon fibre roof.

Aluminium is used for the bonnet, doors and tailgate. In fact, it weighs about 2,822 pounds quite delicate, which helps you achieve a very healthy power / weight ratio.

The firm estimates 0-62 miles per hour in under 5.5 seconds, and a top speed electronically limited to 143 miles per hour.

Furthermore, the newly developed "GR-FOUR" sports 4WD system, which uses a front and rear variable driving force system enabled by a multi-plate clutch, transfers the power of the new engine to all four wheels with minimal loss.

And you might well do, to experience the clever four-wheel-drive system.

Twist the mode selector and that gives you Sport mode, with just 30 per cent up front and, that's right maths fans, 70 to the rear. The balance in each mode is automatically adjusted in accordance with road conditions and driver behavior. This unique configuration comes from the combination of two Toyota platforms: the GA-B and GA-C architectures of the automaker. All-wheel drive, 250 hp and new technology highlights the hatchback's motorsport character. The new, lightweight engine (a 1.6-litre 3cyl turbo good for 257bhp and qualifying for R5 rally class rules) usually sends 60 per cent of power to the front wheels, and 40 to the back.

Customers can upgrade their GR Yaris with an optional Circuit Pack. Instead of the traditional conveyor system, the body and assembly lines comprise a number of different cells connected by automatic guided vehicles. However, the company says, its new manufacturing methods are capable of handling small-volume production models such as these.

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