News Corp announces major donation for Australian bushfire relief

Cheryl Sanders
January 15, 2020

The youngest son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch has slammed News Corp's climate change reporting, highlighting the "ongoing denial" in its Australian news outlets during the bushfire crisis. He and his wife Kathryn have made statementsthat set them apart fromthe Murdochs' conservative bent.

In response to that ordeal, News Corp Australia's head honcho Michael Miller said "Australia is having a serious conversation about climate change and how to respond to it", but continued to focus on arson as a central factor in the intensity and severity of the ongoing bushfires.

Australian News Corp papers have recently come under fire for their coverage of the bushfire crisis, with worldwide media accusing them of pushing false narratives around arson and alleged Greens opposition to back-burning as the catalysts for the emergency.

"There are no change climate change deniers around, I can assure you", he said at the company's annual general meeting in NY in December a year ago.

In September, a New York Times article outlined Kathryn Murdoch's long history of climate change advocacy, which included working closely with a number of environmental organisations.

James, often considered a more liberal-leaning Murdoch family member, donated to South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg in spring 2019, one day after he announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to FCC documents.

Celebrities and activists have been speaking out and donating to relief efforts and the widespread nature of the devastating fires has caused debate over how much climate change has to do with the whole thing.

Rupert Murdoch is also the chairman of Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

In opinion pieces, some News Corp columnists have attacked the widely accepted science about climate change links to the blazes.

The accusations were levelled by commercial finance manager Emily Townsend in a company-wide email to staff.

The executive also asserted that a majority of New Corp employees "agree with James" on the issue.

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