Mirroring trend, flu cases spiking in Hays County

Henrietta Brewer
January 10, 2020

There may be another four months of the flu season, so a flu shot is still not superfluous.

"If you are not able to attend the farm show, you can obtain your flu vaccine at your doctor's office, pharmacy, local walk-in clinic or grocery store".

The Oklahoma State Department of Health, the Tulsa Health Department and the Oklahoma City-County Health Department say this year's flu virus is particularly unusual' and they expect it to be severe. Doctors and nurses say it's not too late to get the flu vaccine.

Propes also addressed the idea that the flu shot may cause someone who did not have the illness to contract it.

"If you are given the flu vaccine, your flu symptoms are more likely to occur much less often and the course of the disease will become much less common", said Dr. Vito DiCamillo, head of emergency medicine at Lancaster General Urgent Care.

- Resting. Sleep helps the body fight off illness.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine is urging the public to get their flu vaccine as flu season intensifies. People who are more subject to complications includes adults age 65 and over, pregnant women, children and those who have asthma, heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and cancer, as well as children with neurologic conditions. "Throughout the year, we always remind visitors and family members - regardless of their age - that in order to visit patients, they should be healthy and free from fever, cough, colds or stomach virus symptoms".

Across the nation, some people develop pneumonia after having the flu.

While there is no instant cure-all for flu, there are antiviral drugs that can be administered which may shorten the duration of the illness and make the symptoms milder.

A person older than 50 with underlying health issues died from the illness.

OSDH report shows the number of new and previously reported hospitalizations with testing between September 1, 2019 - December 28, 2019 are 461.

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