Instagram introduces new SloMo, Echo and Duo effects for Boomerang

Yolanda Curtis
January 14, 2020

Duo, Echo, and SlowMo.

All the users of Instagram from around the world can use these new Boomerang effects.

Open the Story camera inside of the Instagram app and then swipe to the Boomerang setting located inside of the carousel in the bottom bar. Now, there will be an infinity symbol at the top to access the new effects.

SlowMo: As the name suggests, this effect slows down your Boomerang to capture each detail at half the speed as regular Boomerangs. Echo produces a dual vision result, boosting Boomerang and Duo, both accelerate and decreases Boomerang, including a texturized result.

Instagram knows that you're taking a look at TikTok, and it doesn't want to let you get away without trying some new features. Boomerang is one of the most loved camera formats and we are excited to expand the creative ways you can use Boomerang to convert everyday moments in something fun and unexpected.

As part of its plans to better compete with the runaway success of TikTok, Instagram has rolled out three new options for users to share Boomerangs on the platform. It is also possible to cut and adjust the length of the boomerangs registered with the update.

Instagram just recently released new "Layout" function that will certainly enable customers to consist of numerous images in a solitary tale. Duo rapidly rewinds the video clip to the beginning with a glitch-like digitised effect. Snapchat has provided Fast-foward and slow-motion video effects because days after the launch of Boomerang back in 2015. As pointed out by TechCrunch, these effects aren't actually anything new - similar special effects have been available for some time on TikTok, the platform's major competitor.

The new features build on that, offering you a few more creative options.

The new update having loads of new feature will be made available to users in the coming week.

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