Group wants lawmakers to raise Va. minimum wage to $15/hr

Andrew Cummings
January 12, 2020

By contrast, raising the basic wage had little impact on suicide rates among college-educated workers, presumably because they tend to earn more and wouldn't directly feel the impact of a minimum wage hike.

"During periods of high unemployment, people are more willing to work with lower-paid jobs, and those lower-paid jobs will be the ones with a higher wage if there is an increase in the minimum wage", Kaufman said.

And when salaries increase by $ 2, you are talking about almost 26,000 cases of suicide after the peak of unemployment in 2009 during the last recession.

There's broad support among Democratic presidential candidates for doubling the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15, including former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. But now there's another twist we can add: It looks like higher minimum wages reduce suicide rates. She graduated from Columbia University School of Journalism and was previously a News and Politics Writer for Bustle News. He speculated that suicide attempts, which occur 20 to 30 times for every completed suicide, may also be found to decrease with higher minimum wages.

The federal minimum wage is now $7.25, though it's higher in many states - 36 states matched the federal rate in 1990, but by 2015 this was down to 21.

To be sure, many other factors could be at play, such as the impact of other social programs like access to food stamps and the availability of welfare programs in states that boosted their minimum wages.

New York State law allows employers in certain industries to apply a credit to pay their tipped employees a rate below the state's minimum wage, with the expectation that tips will make up the difference to meet the state's minimum wage requirements.

During the entire quarter-century that was analyzed, a $1 increase in state minimum wage could have staved off 27,550 suicides, and a $2 increase could have staved off 57,350 suicides, the investigators said.

"In addition to retaining more of their income through individual tax cuts, employees in all income groups are seeing their wages rise", the White House said in a recent statement in honor of the two-year anniversary of President Donald Trump's signing of the tax cuts. and Jobs Act.

First, Congress should approve the Raise the Wage Act, which would raise the federal minimum wage from a stingy $ 7.25 per hour to $ 9.25, and then to $ 15 per hour by 2024.

But, speaking as an educated layman, I don't find this last critique by Mathur particularly persuasive.

Sanctions for failing to pay staff the national minimum wage are not tough enough and there needs to be a greater risk of detection to incentivise organisations to remain complaint, a report has argued.

"Employers can struggle to understand that pay is broken down into several different elements that must be treated differently to ensure compliance".

"Suicides are an indicator of the most extreme end of the despair spectrum, so to speak", he said. What Kaufman and his team were able to do, though, is use the average changes they observed over all states to predict how many suicides might have been prevented by a minimum wage increase. Raising the minimum wage did not seem to affect whether college graduates would die by suicide.

Warren Kenny, GMB regional secretary London, said: "The level of under payment of the national minimum wage is likely to be higher than the figures from HMRC shows". The federal minimum wage has been since 2009 not increased.

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