Google Pixel 4 bashed by Face Unlock Failure issues

Yolanda Curtis
January 13, 2020

For those affected, two subtly different error messages are appearing when they attempt to use face unlock, which could indicate two different but potentially similar problems: "Can't verify face". Once the Pixel 4 was launched, users discovered that face unlock had one critical flaw when compared to Apple's, as it didn't have a Require Attention option - that someone could unlock your phone by holding it against your face while you sleep.

For the time being, Pixel 4 users whose face unlock refuses to oblige will have to use a PIN, pattern, or password to unlock their devices.

Many of them first experienced the problem after installing the December security update, although it's not clear what causes the issue. Those who own Pixel 4 series have complained about the issue on Pixel support forums, Reddit and XDA forums.

The error messages users getting on their Pixel 4 also vary depending on the stage they are in. However, Face Unlock didn't work even after the user re-enrolled face data.

Some users said that they received a message on their phone to re-enroll their face in order for Face Unlock to continue working. It indicates that the face could not be verified, inviting them to try again. But, if the user removes or re-add their face data to fix the problem then also the issue is not being solved. Some were even unable to delete previously stored face data from their phones. The issue doesn't seem to have resolved also after resetting the smartphone in safe mode. Although some reports indicate that the issue was resolved after a factory reset, others are running into the same problem even after a wipe. The problem is, the owner of the device can't take a backup of the system like a fingerprint sensor.

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