Google Phone app could soon offer call recording option

Yolanda Curtis
January 15, 2020

Call recording becoming a standard feature was hinted at earlier this month when Xiaomi announced it was switching its phones to use the default Google Phone app rather than its own MIUI dialer. However, it looks like they may be adding support for call recording soon, although if it will be for a certain brand only is still questionable. They have also not released a call recording API since Android 6 Marshmallow. They promised though that it will be "obtainable" this 2020.

It nearly feels like we're talking about a new deal on the Pixel 4 and/or Pixel 4 XL every single day of late, but the newest promotions are somewhat special, coming straight from Google rather than a third-party retailer like Best Buy or one of America's big four wireless service providers.

Some users have of course found workarounds. Call recording hasn't been possible on stock Android versions without rooting since Android 8 Oreo.

It's nice to see the Pixel 2 continue to receive some of Google's newer software features, outside of the usual system updates and security fixes.

XDA Developers says they will try to enable the feature soon which may give us more insight as to how it will work and who it's really intended for.

9to5Google is believed to have first reported on the possible resurrection of Google Labs as far back as in February 2019, when an APK teardown of the beta version of Google App v9.21 revealed that the company is prepping to bring back the once-deprecated functionality.

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