Google is making it easier to browse for clothes directly in Search

Andrew Cummings
January 16, 2020

This may include dropping or reducing the current one-time cost of £699 to integrate Pointy, or even getting leading point-of-sale manufacturers to directly integrate the technology into their products.

Pointy uses two key technologies to help its partner retailers log their in-store inventory. Google now wants to make it easier for you to do some digital window-shopping right from the Google Search app. They can also see similar products they may be interested in learning more about.

But in the long term, it would make sense if Google were to bake Pointy into its Google Merchant suite of retailer solutions.

Google would "like to counter the threat Amazon represents with AWS, and appear to be making a big retail play, effectively networking small retailers to counter the retail giant", suggested Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

Google seems like it's on a shopping spree of acquiring startups with a theme of helping businesses without much of the technical wizardry to flourish in the modern age.

Google Express had teamed up with large retailers, including Target and Walmart. Now with the shops products online, you or I could be searching for something on Google and Pointy will be able to direct you to the business where you can buy the item you desire. In fact his previous venture Plink was Google's first ever buy out in the United Kingdom and Irish markets for what was described at the time as a "life changing sum of money" and Pointy have worked with the search engine giants since 2018 after being listed in their Adopt A Startup program. "For most, this will likely be a reasonable trade-off", he said. The search could also take other steps to expand adoption of Pointy's platform among store operators. "The goal is to refine the algorithm and improve the precision of decisions".

Neither Google nor Pointy disclosed the deal amount, nonetheless Yahoo Finance reports that the acquisition is a $163M deal.

The company said in 2018 that it hoped to be in 6% of United States retailers by the end of 2019, and noted it had consistently seen month-on-month growth of 15%. However, "once the investigation is over, I'd anticipate that pivot".

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