Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes in His Breakfast Cereal

Pablo Tucker
January 5, 2020

Gene Simmons' disturbing revelation he places ice cubes is hardly shrouded in thriller ... dude would not like heat milk.

Rocker KISS gained momentum on Twitter on New Years by sharing his odd eating habit, with reactions ranging from confusion and disgust to admiration and relief ... relief from the fact that 'He didn't tend because he died. Yes, Grub is talking about putting ice cubes in your cereal.

Meanwhile, for anyone wondering if this was just a stunt, Gene's son, Nick Simmons, also chimed in on Twitter. He even included two photos as visual evidence, proving that, indeed, he does risk diluting his milk with chunks of frozen water. "Yuck!" and "My man I'm gonna need like a 15-minute play by play video on your cereal making process".

Appears to be like like 2020 goes to be one other 12 months filled with progress and innovation.

Clad in a supple grey dressing gown, and armed with a concoction of Frosted Mini-Wheats, Oreo O's and ice cubes; Simmons single-handedly set out to ruin the new year. 30 years of watching him do this.

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