EA's mobile Tetris games are closing to make way for Tetris Royale

Yolanda Curtis
January 23, 2020

That means that Tetris Premium, Tetris 2011, and Tetris Blitz are all going the way of the dodo.

Tetris Blitz and Tetris 2011 are both still live on the iOS App Store, complete with a message from EA to fans. At the time of this writing, it appears that N3TWORK's new Tetris app isn't available on the iOS App Store, but as soon as Tetris Blitz and Tetris 2011 leave, we expect it to show up. While it has been suggested that the removals could pave the way for a new EA-produced Tetris title, it is more likely that the closures are related to N3twork acquiring exclusive rights to develop and publish new mobile Tetris games globally in July 2019.

Hello Fans, We have had an unbelievable journey with you so far but sadly, it is time to say goodbye.

Unfortunately, EA has announced that it will be ending support for the beloved puzzle game on April 21, 2020.

We've reached out to the Tetris Company and EA for more information and will update when we hear back.

According to the announcement, after April 21, 2020, the games "will be retired and will no longer be available to play", even if it is already installed on your device. It did say, "we have had an unbelievable journey with you so far but sadly, it's time to say goodbye". If you really want to make sure your Tetris addiction is perpetually satiated, go dig out the Game Boy version of the game that still works just fine 30 years later.

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