Double Trouble: Twins Jess and Eve SHOCK with bombshell entrance

Carla Harmon
January 14, 2020

Eve and Jess are the first female twins to ever go on Love Island - here's everything we know about them.

Laura Whitmore made her debut as the new Love Island host.

Love Island twins Jess and Eve are students from London.

Shaughna works as a democratic services officer, described online as someone who "attends public meetings, partnership board meetings and standing committees, and promotes greater public involvement" and says people are often surprised when she tells them what she does for work as they don't "expect" her to be clever.

Speaking about what they think makes them flawless for the show, Jess said: "I'd be a good Islander because I'm fun, confident and spontaneous". Picture: ITV What's their type on paper?

And Eve added: "I want someone who is fun and confident, not shy. Quite "alpha male". And I'd like a guy who is switched on". "Selfassured, kind and respectful and on the same intelligence level as me".

What happened with Eve Gale and Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga?

"The caption said "A rare one, I love you".

Viewers of Love Island took to Twitter to mock Shaughna's footballer comment: "Anyone reckon Shaughna went out with a footballer....?" We were both at an event and I posted an Instagram story tagging him. "Some boys will notify me and Jessica at the same time, I don't think they think we're talking".

Contestants in the Winter Love Island villa received a shock when two girls from Cambridgeshire arrived to mix things up.

Eve: With Jess, I have the ultimate girl code. "Pop Smoke, the R "n" B rapper, messaged me too".

However, that doesn't mean that Jess and Eve may be arguing over a guy, as the couple said that they have "the same taste in men".

Eve added: "I have the ultimate girl code".

She's been open about having some pretty dyer ex situations, admitting: "My last boyfriend I was with cheated on me".

Episode 1 of Winter Love Island saw Shaughna pair up with Mancunian Callum Jones.

Love Island starts on ITV2 on Sunday, January 12th, at 9:00 p.m. and continues on weekdays and Sundays.

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