Dimitar Berbatov claims Manchester United can no longer attract top players

Ross Houston
January 25, 2020

Fans also gave their backing to Solskjaer on Wednesday but there was a toxic atmosphere as they protested against United's American owners the Glazer family and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, who was the target for one particularly distasteful chant.

Despite his status as a former striker and Manchester United star, Dimitri Berbatov did not hesitate to criticise the situation Solskjaer's side is facing, along with their serious transfer problems as a outcome.

United travel to League One Tranmere in the FA Cup fourth round on Sunday and ahead of the game, Solskjaer says he retains the faith of the hierarchy.

"The foundation has to be laid and the culture has to be properly set and laid down".

"When you do well you don't take off, when you do badly you know you've got a job to do and you've got to do it better next time". You don't start with the roof.

"For me, we do have a way of doing things", he said at his pre-match press conference on Friday.

"You can see [Liverpool manager] Jurgen [Klopp] spent four years building his team and they're doing well now".

"It's not going to be a quick fix - not eight or 10 players in the transfer window - we've had one proper transfer window and we are trying to do something now". "We've had one proper transfer window in the summer because the Januarys they are hard, but we are trying to do something now".

Asked what convinced him he would be given the time David Moyes and Louis van Gaal believed they would get before being sacked, Solskjaer said: "When you start on something, you stick to that plan, for me anyway".

"I feel I am [strong], the club is strong, the staff I've got with me they're very strong mentally, so we're sticking to what we believe in".

But when questioned if he would expect the same from the French World Cup victor, he replied: "We all want this to go well and we've all got different ways of showing how much we care".

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